Reports by Van K. Tharp, Ph.D.

Professional Coach For Traders And Investors

In the unique arena of professional trading coaches and consultants, Van K. Tharp stands out as an international leader in the industry. Helping others become the best trader or investor that they can be has been Tharp's mission since 1982. Dr. Tharp offers very unique learning strategies, and his techniques for producing great traders are some of the most effective in the field. 

Dr. Tharp offers many education alternatives for traders and investors. Below is a listing of special reports and Market Mastery issues that can make a big difference in your trading performance. These are issues that can be downloaded now. 

Psychological Issues in System Development Report $19.95
Doing a Spring Cleaning on Yourself As a Trader   $59.95 now $39.95
Understanding Expectancy and The Golden Rule of Trading   $59.95 now $39.95
Are You Doomed to Failure?  $59.95 now $39.95
How Academia Leads Wall Street Astray   $59.95 now $7.95 (super price reduction)

Does Your System Still Work In Changing Markets $19.95

Self Sabotage Reexamined Part One $19.95
Self Sabotage Reexamined Part Two $19.95 
How to Avoid Advertising Hype  $19.95 now $9.95 
Games People Play $19.95 now $9.95 
Feeling Your Feelings (excerpt from Peak Home Study) $39.95 now $9.95
Quarterly Position Sizing Newsletter 1 Year Subscription - $495.00
Quarterly System Quality Number (SQN) Newsletter 1 Year Subscription - $495.00




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